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Keep Your Electricity Working During The Bomb Cyclone

Published by Jennifer on January 9, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

When you experience damages or loss of power during the bomb cyclone, you can call the water damage techs at 911 Restoration of Winston-Salem and they will be at your service within 45 minutes of receiving your call.

We want home and business owners to feel comfortable reaching out for help during the bomb cyclone, no matter how intense the storm system may be raging. So to best help you, our technicians stay available 24/7/365, where we have service agents standing by around the clock.

When it comes to disasters, our water cleanup experts want to make sure you are in a safe living condition to ride out the storm, so we provide same day services for all storm and water-based emergencies, ensuring that any repairs you need are provided immediately.

Our technicians are trained to implement all types of storm damage mitigation techniques even during the harshest weather conditions. So, call our water extraction unit today and you will get a free home inspection as soon as we arrive on the scene.

Keep Your Utilities Working During And After The Bomb Cyclone

Your utilities are at risk during a storm as intense as a bomb cyclone, with the high winds, heavy snow and freezing temperatures putting a major strain on your electricity.

If you noticed any damaged wires that may even be sparking, or if you smell any type of burning, you should immediately cut the electricity off to your home. If there is snow or water by the circuit breaker, be very careful not to step in the moisture and use a wooden stick or spoon to touch the switch with.

If you notice any tripped beakers, then that may mean that you have some damaged wiring. If this is the case, do not try to fix anything yourself and call an electrician to inspect the situation. When a fuse blows during the storm, you can replace them yourself. Just make sure to use fuses with the exact same amperage and never use a metal object to bypass the fuses protective ability.

911 Restoration of Winston-Salem is also available around the clock to assist you with any electrical issues you may be having during the bomb cyclone or any other storm.

When You Need Help With Storm Damages, We Are The Company To Call

We know how helpless you can feel during a water emergency, and our storm damage remediation professionals are here to make you feel powerful in the face of a flood.

When we arrive on the scene we will immediately begin pumping out water, getting your home dry as bone in a short amount of time. This will ensure that your home stays free of any permanent damage, specifically structural damage and rot.

Our water removal team also understands the importance of getting proper coverage, so we will contact your insurance company for you and get your insurance claim filed. You can count on us to completely take over the insurance process.

911 Restoration of Winston-Salem makes it a priority to get you affordable prices on all storm damage eradication services, so call us today and we will make sure you get the help you deserve during the bomb cyclone.

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