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Importance of Home Restoration Companies in the United States

Published by SEO on August 30, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Water and fire damage can be devastating and needs immediate restoration to prevent further damage. While some individuals are concerned with saving money and think about completing the repairs themselves, this is not a good idea. Restoration is a complex process and requires not only specific industry-grade equipment, but also experienced professionals who know exactly how to mitigate damage. This article discusses why home restoration companies are so important in the U.S. and why it’s best to leave the restoration to professionals.

Faster Restoration

The first thing a good restoration company does upon reaching your property is conduct a thorough assessment of the damage. They then formulate a plan to tackle restorations. These plans, combined with years of experience and advanced equipment make it possible to implement plans and finish restorations in a timely manner.

Safety Precautions

Tackling restorations on your own can be a bad idea because of the danger involved in doing so. Restoration companies know which safety precautions to take while average folk do not. For example, they know dealing with greywater and blackwater requires safety equipment, as does dealing with asbestos. Likewise, they know how to handle mold so that the spores don’t spread throughout your house.

You may not be aware of these precautions and may be in danger if you try and handle restorations on your own. Repair companies that don’t specialize in restoration also face the same risks.

Thorough Understanding of Damage

After extensive damage, it’s important to not only cover restoration, but also prevent further damage. If this isn’t taken care of properly, the restoration will not be successful, and you may face problems in the future.

Restoration professionals are also able to identify and restore hidden damage. Ordinary repair companies can overlook this, which can lead to devastating and costly consequences. Calling experts after fire and water damage can minimize damage and ensure the restoration process is completed properly.

Quick Response Time 

Instead of having to wait for a response to your emergency, you can depend on home restoration companies to show up at your property in record time and begin the restoration process immediately. 911 Restoration of the Triad reaches your home within 45 minutes of your call and ensures that work is started as soon as possible to catch and repair damage within the appropriate period of time.

If you have severe water damage, it needs to be addressed within 24-48 hours. If this isn’t done, you’re at risk of mildew and mold formation. Not only can this cause structural damage and expensive repairs, but it can also endanger your family’s health and safety. Experienced professionals can tackle the problem before it worsens.

Right Tools and Equipment

Professional restoration companies have all the necessary tools and equipment to deal with water damage, fire damage, and mold growth. Their state-of-the-art equipment is the key to removing all traces of mold and restoring your home to its original state. Since restoration can be a tricky process, thorough and effective results depend on the equipment used.

Full-service restoration companies such as 911 Restoration come equipped with dehumidifiers, industrial-grade fans, ultrasonic cleaners, infrared cameras, wet-dry vacuums, and more. General repair companies may not have these tools and thus, will not do as thorough of a job. 

Certified Technicians

Experts are also important because they are certified professionals who know exactly what goes into each kind of restoration. This requires skill and experience since the process is so complex. If you hire novices instead of professionals, they may end up making the situation worse. 

Not only does this result in further problems down the road, but it also leaves you open to health risks such as those caused by exposure to mold. The professionals at 911 Restoration of the Triad are IICRC-certified and follow guidelines put forth by the CDC and EPA. 

Saving and Salvaging Belongings

Since home restoration companies use technology like ultrasonic cleaning, they can salvage items that would have otherwise needed to be replaced. Experienced in damage repair, they know how to handle damaged items and safeguard them so that they can be returned to their original condition. 

They are also aware of the importance of documenting the entire process and will ensure that all documents are saved as well as document and photograph all damage they come across.

Help Deal With Insurance 

Restoration can be an expensive process and claiming costs through your insurance policy can be a lengthy process. Some costs may not even be reimbursed. Professional restoration companies have established relationships with insurance companies and can expedite this process.

Additionally, since they’re experienced in insurance claims, they can help you with documentation and filing claims. Thus, they help you minimize out-of-pocket costs so that restoration is as affordable as possible.

Some companies even handle the entire insurance process for you to ease your concerns. 911 Restoration of the Triad is such a company and can handle all the nuances of insurance policies and documentation. 

911 Restoration of the Triad

Instead of leaving your home vulnerable to future problems and costly repairs, and putting your family’s health at risk, call 911 Restoration of the Triad for full-service home restoration. From fire damage and water damage to mold removal and sewage cleanup, we handle it all.

Call us at (336) 579-2501 or contact us here for a 45-minute response time and years of experience in restoration.

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